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          Mollie Farrell

          Mollie Farrell

          How has UC helped you transition to living in Melbourne?
          As a student originally from Melbourne, UC has given me a different university experience as I’ve pursued my graduate studies.

          What is your favourite thing about UC?
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          What are the opportunities that UC has provided you with?
          As a Resident Tutor, UC has provided me invaluable leadership skills and has enabled me to network with a well established and accomplished range of alumni.

          Is it easy for graduates to mix with a cohort of undergraduate students?
          Through activities such as the musical, soirées and Battle of the Bands, I’ve been able to forge valuable and rewarding friendships with many undergraduate students. Overall, UC is a very integrated and welcoming college, so there isn’t any division between the graduate and undergraduate students.

          If you could sum up your UC experience in one word, what would it be?

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