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          Art & Design Week wraps up

          Dr Gerard Vaughan AM addresses High Table for Art & Design Week

          Head of College, Dr Jennifer McDonald welcomed to High Table former Director of NGV and NGA, Dr Gerard Vaughan AM; Fellow of the College, Dr Di Bresciani OAM (UWC 1960); Senior Program Manager of Victorian Cultural Collections, Dr Julie Cotter as well as students who curated and submitted pieces to the UC Art & Design Week Exhibition on Monday 26 August, 2019.

          In his address, Dr Vaughan described himself as first and foremost an Art historian. He noted how genuinely impressed he was with the quality of the submissions by all the students for Art & Design Week across each category of Art, Photography, Design, and Creative Writing.

          沃恩博士还鼓励学生继续在他们的生活,无论在什么地方自己选择的职业需要他们自己的创作追求。他提到了很好的例子,通过UC校友,博士二bresciani OAM(UWC 1960年,研究员)谁奉行一个杰出的职业生涯,作为一个艺术家,同时保持她创造性的追求作为一个音乐家的设置。

          “As an art historian myself and having been fortunate enough to have had a career doing what I love, I strongly encourage you all to continue to pursue creative avenues in your lives, regardless of your chosen path of vocation. Artists make the world a better place by offering us a very personal, alternative view of the world around us, and engaging with an artwork can often be both exhilarating and challenging. I congratulate those of you who have displayed tremendous courage by putting your creativity on display for Art & Design Week.”

          - 医生杰拉德·沃恩上午

          Dr Di Bresciani OAM (UWC 1960, Fellow) and Phoebe Watson view the UC Art & Design Week Exhibition








          A special thank you to Phoebe Watson and all of her helpers for curating the UC Art & Design Week Exhibition which adds tremendous color and creativity to the College during Open Day and the surrounding weeks.

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