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          马洛里·埃文斯 RT Photo 2019


          居民家庭教师 - 艺术(英语,文化学,政治学和国际关系)


          莫利·法雷尔 RT Photo


          居民家庭教师 - 艺术和文化管理

          Mollie received her Master of Arts and Cultural Management from the University of Melbourne in 2018 and a Bachelor of Arts (with a major in Media and Communication and a minor in Criminology, also from the University of Melbourne) in 2016. Mollie tutors a range of arts subjects from the schools of Culture & Communication and Social & Political Sciences. Mollie has resided at UC since 2017 and is a keen member of the UC arts community. Notably, Mollie enjoyed being a part of 2017 UC Musical ‘Westside Story’, 2018 UC Musical ‘The Heathers’, as well as being a part of UC’s winning band at the 2018 Intercollegiate Battle of the Bands!



          居民家庭教师 - 科学,计算机和法国




          居民家庭教师 - 商业,经济和电气工程

          James completed his Master of Engineering (Electrical) at the University of Melbourne in 2017, and also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics). He is currently working as a software engineer at Telstra. This is James’ third year as resident tutor, and sixth year at 太阳城网站网址, having lived here for three years during his undergraduate degree. James loves teaching and learning new things, and is a passionate fan of technology, travel, good coffee and 90s sitcoms. He occasionally enjoys cooking, and the other resident tutors longingly look forward to the annual event when he cooks dinner for them.



          居民家庭教师 - 艺术(国际研究,政治和历史)

          Nicholas graduated with a Master of International Relations from the University of Melbourne in 2018. Before that he completed an Honours thesis on economic sanctions and North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme. He has also visited North Korea and is always happy to talk about this and any other matter of geopolitical concern. Nicholas likes to say he’s interested in just about everything except horse racing and country music. His main passions are cult cinema, underground music and literary fiction, what one might dub unpopular culture. He maintains there is a classic Simpsons quote for every occasion.

          刘明光 - RT photo


          居民家庭教师 - 计算机,工程学和数学

          Vincent recently graduated from the University of Melbourne, where he completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mechatronics Systems. He is currently completing his Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) at the University of Melbourne. Vincent was born and raised in suburban Melbourne and his passion for education has led him to become a private tutor for the past four years. His spare time is mostly filled with dancing – taking part in dance classes, student clubs and productions. Apart from this, he also enjoys sketching, binge watching shows and finding the best places in Melbourne for a matcha latte.

          劳伦鲍威尔 RT Photo 2019


          居民家庭教师 - 艺术和商业(媒体通信,创意写作和营销)

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          Ayush RT Photo 2019

          AYUSH srinet

          居民家庭教师 - 工程,数学和金融

          Ayush is from Auckland, New Zealand and has been a UC Resident tutor for the past two years. He has a Chemical and Materials Engineering Degree from the University of Auckland and has just completed a Master of Management with Finance at the University of Melbourne. Combining these degrees, he has been teaching finance and mathematics courses. He also holds a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) certified cooking certificate, meaning he has three degrees in total, which he sees as an edge over the other resident tutors 🙂 In his spare time, you can find him cooking, sketching, and watching historical documentaries.

          SHER缅因州棕褐色 RT Photo


          居民导师 - 生物医学科学

          SHER缅因州最近完成了她的生物医学硕士,在微生物学和免疫学专业。她的研究生学位时,她正在调查中最常见的肠道细菌,大肠杆菌的一个调控,特别是相对于养猪业。 SHER缅因州目前正在为在墨尔本大学的分子生物学家。工作之外,谢尔缅因州喜欢运动,音乐和摄影。她也是书籍的忠实读者,并总是可以为一本好书推荐指望。

          上志翔 image


          居民家庭教师 - 心理学





          Emily hails from Yea in country Victoria, where she grew up on a family farm producing sheep and cattle. She is passionate about agriculture, and completed the Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne in 2018. Aside from running around after sheep, Em loves the outdoors, and is an avid hiker, climber and sailor. She lived at UC for the first two years of her undergrad degree, where she was most commonly found in the dining hall, usually with a cup of tea in hand. Em is always up for a chat, or even a lap around Prinny, and is forever keen for new experiences and a chance to learn.

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